Thursday, September 24, 2015

Maya's Dream

Third Annual Dinner, Silent Auction and International Entertainment
In Support of the Maya Devi Hospital in India
Friday, October 2, 2015 at 6:00 pm
Magnolia Banquet Hall900, 5075 Falconridge Boulevard NE, Calgary

Presented by

Tickets: $100Call Bernie at 403-475-0160

CHILD Foundation, 66 Aspen Ridge Way S.W., Calgary;

About Maya Devi Hospital

The Maya Devi Hospital in Sarurpur, Uttar Pradesh began as the dream of one woman, Maya Devi, a resident of the village. Seeing the health challenges many women faced – particularly in giving birth when complications arose – she hoped that one day there would be a hospital in the community that would save them the long, arduous and expensive trip to the city to give birth safely.

Her children turned her dream into a reality. They set up foundations in India (MOTHER Foundation) and in Canada (CHILD Foundation) to raise money to build and operate the hospital. With the support of Rotary International, plus corporate and private donors, these organizations constructed a 20-bed charitable hospital on the grounds of what had been Maya Devi’s family home.

Since its opening in October 2012, the Maya Devi Hospital has transformed the community of Sarurpur and region – an area with a combined population of more than 60,000. The hospital offers healthcare and health education to women and children in the community. In fact, the reputation of the hospital as an outstanding facility and a special place attracts patients from communities quite a distance away. Although the hospital’s primary focus is to care for women and children, it does not refuse assistance to anyone.

CHILD Foundation will host its third annual Maya’s Dream in support of the hospital on Friday, October 2, 2015 at Magnolia Banquet Hall, 5075 Falconridge Blvd NE, Calgary. Like our two first events, this promises to be a memorable and inspiring evening. There will be a reception and dinner, a silent auction, and multi-cultural entertainment. Our main fundraiser, it funds hospital operations.

The last 12 months have been a busy and exciting time at the hospital. For example, a partnership with Rotary provided solar panels, which allow reliable 24-hour electricity for the facility. The hospital initiated health and awareness educational programs for the community which includes culturally sensitive information sessions. These sessions included video presentations on relevant health and social issues. They use accessible booklets with graphics illustrating the topics covered in the presentations, prepared by the United Nations in the local language. The booklets are to be taken home and discussed within the family.

Over the next few years CHILD Foundation and MOTHER Foundation, and a number of Rotary Clubs, (with financial assistance from the Alberta Government’s Community Initiatives Program) are funding and implementing a clean water and sanitation project in the community. This project will be integral to the health of the people who live there. Once the initial work is complete, CHILD Foundation and MOTHER Foundation will take ownership of this project, for further development in the future.

Over the past four years, we have purchased most of the equipment required to run the hospital. However, on the doctor’s wish list for this year is an x-ray machine. This would enable the medical staff to carry out and read x-rays on-site. At present, the distance to the nearest laboratory and the cost of having the test carried out elsewhere make this simple procedure prohibitive for many patients, who therefore choose not to have them done.
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