Saturday, May 16, 2015

Message to Prime Minister Harper

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Mr. Harper:

Considering what the Information Commissioner has said about your egregious, retroactive “omnibus” legislation C-59 – specifically regarding the gun registry – I do not understand how you can be true to your oath of office and remain on the government benches. Has the term “honourable” lost all its meaning?  What about the phrase “right honourable?”

I look forward to your losing in the courts (again). 

(Signed) Peter, one of your constituents

Readers, to get an appreciation of the problem, please click here.

If you believe it’s time for a change, click on this Harper Chips link. You’ll find 180 well-documented ways the Harper government has chipped away at Canadian democracy and the essence of what most Canadians believe has made this such a great country. If you want to help make change happen, I urge you to spread this link to as many people as you think appropriate, and consider the actions proposed at Harper Chips.

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